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The TRexWP team is a group of dedicated professionals who specialize in website design and development using WordPress. We are known for our exceptional skills in creating user-friendly, responsive, and visually appealing websites that help businesses and individuals achieve their online goals. Go and get to know us better!

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We can help you choose the most suitable solutions for WordPress in versatile fields. Here you see the types of reviews we provide and the niches we cover with our knowledge.

SEO Optimization

The most popular WordPress SEO plugins & addons to optimize your traffic metrics. Use the solutions proven by customer experience.


Add new features to your cart, product page view, offer extra services along with the items and get maximum profit with these eCommerce WordPress plugins.


Want to increase sales and make an outstanding profit from your resource? These plugins are a great tool to guide you!


Find the most prominent & modern software solutions to enrich your online business. Grow traffic and sales, update your workflow, and improve the stats.


If you feel it's time to expand your business on the market - it's high time to read about the best affiliate plugins for WP.


Make your website fully optimized according to current GDPR, W3C, WCAG, ATAG, UAAG, and other substantial European & worldwide compliance.


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